About Terrado

Terrado is glass fibre and glass fibre is the future.

Due to increasing data traffic, there is a need for speed and stability. Terrado provides fibre optic construction in Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands, for both private households and businesses. With our team of over 200 employees, we can take over the entire process from design, engineering and work preparation to network construction. Of course, we can also carry out maintenance work.

Laying glass fibres also means contact with many different parties: the client, the client’s customers, municipalities, approval authorities, suppliers, subcontractors and other interest groups. We often lead the way in fiber optic projects. This requires clear communication in order to make good agreements.

For Terrado, the end customer is central. This does not only mean that we work diligently, but also that the end customer is crucial for communication. That’s why we provide accurate and timely information about the projects and time paths that we consider to be the most important part of the whole process.

Broadband expansion

As in many other areas, abbreviations are also used in the so-called broadband expansion. The abbreviation FttH (or Fibre to the Home) stands for the approach of laying the optical fibres directly into the homes as part of the network expansion and not using the existing copper wires of the telephone lines for the last few metres.

Much larger amounts of data can be exchanged in less time via the optical fibres. Livestream is thus also possible for several users in an apartment at the same time, even though such a fibre is not thicker than a human hair. In Germany, the prerequisites for a fast Internet are often lacking. There is a large investment backlog. The existence of fast Internet plays today a large role with the decision for a new location of companies.

Underground pipeline construction

Underground pipeline construction is becoming increasingly important, and the supply of energy is an essential pillar of our industrial society.

However, ever smaller construction time windows in conjunction with difficult foundation conditions lead to highly complex tasks. Depending on the geographical situation, all media must orient themselves to the wide corridor or the narrow inner-city spaces. This includes fibre optic cables as well as power cables of various sizes.

We are familiar with these special features and keep an overview – from consulting, planning and routing to the finished project. Our experienced staff as well as our efficient machinery and equipment form the basis for this. Thus we are the full-service company in the field of pipeline construction and always offer the optimum and most effective solution for your requirements.

Progress at high speed

In times of high-speed Internet and large amounts of data to be transmitted, conventional copper cables are often no longer sufficient. In order to provide an innovative remedy here, fiber optic cables are now in widespread use. We also implement these cable systems safely and reliably.