The future comes soon
and the future is glass fiber!


Terrado Networks is the perfect group for building fiber optic networks.

Terrado offers fiber optic networks with the utmost precision and care for both private households and businesses. In addition, Terrado can take over the entire process of design, engineering and work preparation.



Terrado Networks GmbH is your partner for complete or individual solutions in the field of fiber optic technology, because we offer not only products and services, but also solutions!

LWL – (short for optical fibre) is the most modern and fastest communication technology on the market. Using fiber optic cables, the data is not transmitted by electrical impulses as before, but by light signals – based on GPON or POP technology.

We offer many innovations or solutions in the field of fiber optic technology. For execution we offer the whole range from A-Z, i.e. from project planning to execution.

Communication and Planning

Good communication and planning are important components of Terrado’s projects. Terrado always makes sure that the customer, the community and the residents know the current state of affairs. In addition, all communication can take place in German, which makes communication much easier.


Our range of services at a glance:

Communication and data cables
Glass fibre (incl. splicing technique)


  • Professionals with many years of experience
  • Cost certainty in project planning
  • Fast operational availability
  • Flexible operating size
  • Careful planning of work and construction site preparation
  • Permanent presence of our experienced project and construction managers
  • The latest technology
  • Investment security
  • Civil engineering in open or closed design
  • Flexibility in the civil engineering segment
  • Documentation
  • Plan applications and municipal authority visits



With the most modern techniques we can provide you on request:

  • Digital inventory plans
  • Route measurement using GPS technology
  • Mass investigations
  • Measurements
  • Billing documentation
  • LWL planning for POP or GPON systems